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Shelley Hayduk
Oct 4, 2018

Information and Knowledge Context on the Go!

Your Brain enables easy and fast information capture on your desktop or mobile device for instant knowledge access on the go.

We’ve never been so connected. Information is abundant and our best ideas can come at anytime. But how do you take advantage of all this useful content and save it for when you really need it? Are you ready for your next great innovation or life’s little curve balls? You can be with your digital Brain!

So whether you are on your phone, on an airplane, in a field or at your desk… learn how to capture all your favorite web sites, internet snippets and amazing thoughts, so you never let a good piece of information or your next great idea go to waste.

Topics Include:

  • Easy web site capture on mobile devices and computers
  • Creating a space for idea management and knowledge organization
  • Your Brain on the go, accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Intelligent linking and categorization that captures your work processes

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