Introducing TheBrain API
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Harlan Hugh
Nov 1, 2023

Introducing TheBrain API

TheBrain API has arrived! Jump in!

TheBrain can now be controlled by a full-featured REST API. Designed for experienced programmers, the API opens up a world of possibilities. Access to a rich set of functions for querying, creating and modifying all types of data is included. Create thoughts automatically in response to events in the real world. Automate processes for moving thoughts through a workflow. Implement custom import/export logic. Control your brain from your watch or with your voice. These are just a few of the applications that are now open to pursue. Get started now at

The available endpoints provide a wide array of capabilities for data access such as: getting thoughts, links, attachments, and notes, performing searches, and exploring the network of connections. Write access is also supported so you can programmatically create, modify, and delete thoughts, notes, links, attachments, and more.

This is a first release, and we look forward to incorporating your feedback as the API evolves.

To assist you in getting started, we have developed a selection of example projects in several widely-used frameworks that showcase the process of making API calls within your program. The Blazor app contains the most example calls. The Python and Node apps demonstrate the overall structure and creating a thought.

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