Applications and Brain Samples

Application Videos and Brain Templates

This section features video recordings of webinars showing how to apply TheBrain. You may also download the brain archives and browse the example brains online.

For instructional videos, see the tutorials section.

Featured Brains

Ultimate Mega Brain
by Jerry Michalski

Jerry Michalski is the creator of the world’s largest Brain created by a single person. He is well known in the technology industry as a sought-after speaker and host of “Inside Jerry’s Brain.” His brain can be found at

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Visualizing Innovation:
Inspire. Create.

From space innovation to new electric cars, creating a knowledgebase on future trends and past human achievement helps fuel your mind and creativity. Watch Matt Caton and Jay Ofemi on tours of their brains with a focus on humanity's technical advances.

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Featured Template:
One Brain for Everything

Most of us spend our time juggling an array of projects for all aspects of our life. Creating a brain with both business and personal Thoughts can help you get the big picture on everything.

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Business and Technology Applications

Project Management

Go From Ideas to Results. Organize business and life projects that involve many different information sets and possibilities.

  • Visualize project phases, responsibilities and expertise.
  • See and understand project goals and objectives.
  • Brainstorm and aggregate all research.

Sales and Business Development

Increase Your Revenue. Sell Smarter.

  • Visualize sales territories, reps, deals and pipeline phases
  • Instantly access all sales scripts and templates for fast answers
  • Create a complete sales playbook of thoughts for fast and easy RFP response
  • Connect all relevant proposals, sales collateral and information

Presentations and Meeting Management

Get People's Attention with the Power of Your Ideas. Achieve more effective communication before, during and after your meetings.

  • Focus on core ideas and their ramifications
  • Get busy executives' attention!
  • Minimize graphic and artwork requirements
  • Simplify complex relationships and visualize key ideas

Company Operations and Client Management

With TheBrain you can organize your information in many ways. It's ideal for organizing clients and interdepartmental projects.

  • Visualize people networks, departments
  • Interrelate key projects and documents
  • Capture and see real world relationships

Market Research and Product Design

No Limits Business Planning and Execution.

  • Link together key industry players, trends and research that affect your business
  • Get the big picture on your business and industry
  • Make better decisions with a broader context for execution

IT Management and Engineering

Take control of your information. Visualize and integrate everything for smarter IT management and development.

  • Organize and categorize technology trends
  • Aggregate technical resources for better development
  • Visualize network applications and contingency maps
  • Mind map technical support issues and product development

Job Seekers and Human Resources Professionals

Visualizing Your Career and People Networks.

  • Create human resources and career pathing brains
  • Organize resumes, Web sites and target companies for finding employment
  • Track and manage job candidates along with company expertise
  • Integrate people from Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook and other contact networks

Personal Organization, Creative and Education Applications

Contingency Planning

The new normal is change and resiliency. Just when you think you’ve figured things out, new data emerges and your situation is completely different. This webinar will focus on how you can use your brain to respond to change and be ready for anything in this dynamic New Year, while not losing sight of your goals.

  • Working with your brain on the go, remotely or in geographically dispersed teams
  • Creating thoughts for 2022 goals and future plans
  • Using thought relationships to visualize causality and contingencies
  • Creating “if-then scenario” brains for more agile responses
  • Integrating key information sources for the most updated knowledge

Visualizing Innovation

The world is advancing at an incredible pace. From space innovation to new electric cars, creating a knowledge base on future trends and past human achievement helps fuel your mind and creativity.

  • Creating a comprehensive knowledgebase on anything
  • Importing bookmarks, folders and existing data sources
  • Categorization and organization for large information sets
  • Example brains from aerospace, medical sciences, and technology

Mapping Current Events

Connecting Current Events and Social Issues to Inspire Change.

TheBrain lets you aggregate complex issues and events that reflects your unique perspective and drives innovative solutions.

Getting Things Done – Clear Your Mind

Close All Open Loops.

Capture unfinished tasks in a trusted system outside your mind, a digital place that you know you'll regularly come back to. TheBrain lets you put things away so you can focus on the task at hand.

  • Integrate all your files, web pages, ideas and actions
  • Visualize your goals, track your tasks, set reminders
  • Get the big picture and still find the right detail in seconds.

Your Autobiographical Brain

It's All About You, Really.

Take self-reflection and exploration to a new level. An analytical look at our past can illuminate where we want to go in the future. Put aside old tendencies, expand your mind and arm yourself with the knowledge of your past visualized right in front of you.

Inspirational Ideas

It's More than Information… A Brain of Inspirations.

Create a positive context for your ideas, projects, interests and life goals. TheBrain will unleash your creativity, help you gain new insight and achieve your personal best.

Writing and Creative Projects

Visualize Characters, Events and Ideas.

Create a digital thinking space for where all your ideas come to life. Whether it's your next company whitepaper or epic novel, aggregating all your inspirations in a way that captures your vision will take any writing project to new heights.

Self Learning and Education

Get Smarter: Crystallize Your Knowledge with TheBrain.

See how ideas fit together and visually map out their ramifications. The most powerful ideas and concepts are always interrelated.

  • Organize studies, files and web research
  • Track classes, registration deadlines and personal information
  • Make connections and draw conclusions
  • See and understand key relationships at a glance

Vacation Planning and Travel Management

Be Prepared for Anything. Get to any Detail Instantly.

  • Instantly access airline numbers, reservations and key resources
  • Take notes and capture ideas quickly for vacation planning and future reference
  • Connect trip itineraries, web pages and files for a complete view of all your travel plans