TheBrain Cloud Services

Put your mind online.

  • Synchronize your Brain, including file attachments, between multiple devices
  • Access your Brain from a Web browser on any computer with an Internet connection
  • Publish your Brain and share it with friends and colleagues
  • Backup your Brain online automatically

TheBrain cloud services are included with TheBrain Pro Combo and TheBrain Pro Service. New users get a free trial of all cloud services for 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TheBrain Cloud Services and how do they work with TheBrain Desktop?

TheBrain Cloud Services lets you access your Brain from anywhere online. You can also synchronize changes to your Brain between different machines and still make modifications while offline. Watch the tutorial.

How can I try TheBrain Cloud Services?

Take advantage of TheBrain Cloud Services by publishing your Brain online yourself, either privately or visible to the world.

  • When you setup a Brain account you get a trial of all Cloud Services for 30 days for unlimited private syncing from TheBrain desktop application and your mobile Brains to TheBrain Cloud. You have the option to publish your Brain publicly or privately online.
  • After 30 days if you decide to stick with the Free Edition, you can continue to sync and use cloud services but you will not be able to sync added file attachments to your Brain or use other Pro Services.

What types of attachments are supported?

All URL attachments are synchronized by both the Free and Pro Cloud Services. Internal attachments up to 200MB are synchronized with Pro Services. External file attachments are not synchronized.

What happens to my existing published Brain after my Pro Services trial?

  • After your trial ends you will still have access to all data that you synced to the cloud.
  • If you want to continue to publish with additional file attachments you will need to subscribe to TheBrain Pro Services.

How can I cancel Cloud Services?

You may cancel your Cloud Services subscription at any time but there are no refunds.

To cancel your subscription services login to your Cloud account, click Settings, then click Manage Licenses and Services or call +1-310-751-5000.

  • Annual subscriptions can be cancelled for the following year.