TheBrain for iOS

Access your ideas and information on all your devices.

TheBrain for iOS combines the best of note taking, file synchronization and mind mapping apps to give you the ultimate digital memory on your mobile device.

It’s time to see your ideas and information like never before with your own digital Brain on your iPhone and iPad.

TheBrain for iOS Tutorial Videos

5 Minute Introduction

Learn the basics on using your Brain on iOS.

Starting from Scratch

Create a new Brain in minutes - right on your iPhone or iPad

Working with Thoughts

Thoughts are the building blocks of the Brains you create on your iPad

Adding Attachments

Your Brain can store links to all your favorite web pages, files and graphics.


It's easy to add notes to any Thought in your Brain.

Search and Pins

Searching your Brain and using Pins to navigate.

TheBrain for iOS Beta Program

Each new release of TheBrain for iOS is made available to members of the beta program in advance. Anyone can join by signing up below but please be aware that the beta version may contain unexpected bugs.

Join the iOS Beta