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Harlan Hugh
Sep 27, 2018

TheBrain 10 Beta

We're excited to announce that TheBrain 10 is now available for beta testing.

Version 10 brings ideas to life that we have been planning for a long time now and it's great to see them getting out into the world. Here are a few of my favorites.

BrainBox introduces the concept of a universal inbox for your brain. Now you can gather content from many sources and have it at your fingertips wherever you are in TheBrain. BrainBox lets you channel information into your brain easily and with just a single action. Instead of having to open your brain, go to the right thought and then drag and drop, with BrainBox you can send things in without stopping whatever you are doing. We've built integrations with all the major browsers as well as Windows Explorer and macOS Finder and that is just the beginning…

Version 10 includes a plethora of improvements related to tags and types but the standout feature for me is Visible Types and Tags, the ability to link types and tags directly as children of other thoughts. This lets you have a thought, such as "Designers" that applies its icon, colors, and so on down to all its children while at the same time linking it up to the relevant area in your brain. Until now, this required two thoughts and the creation of redundant links. It's a huge time-saver and lets you add a lot of context and structure effortlessly.

Also in 10 is an all-new Export capability. Now you can easily take parts of your brain and output them as a simple text outline or plain old folders. The export even supports multiple parents using shortcuts on Windows and symbolic links on macOS. Additionally, the export feature makes it easy to output JSON files that include 100% of the data in your brain in an open, easily read format that anyone with a little programming knowledge can work with.

TheBrain 10 Beta Square Blue

There are well over 50 new features in version 10. Check out the details and try it out.

P.S. A special thanks to our alpha testers and everyone who has been submitting feedback and ideas. Many of the enhancements included are a result of your input and version 10 would not be the same without you.

Keep thinking.

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