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Shelley Hayduk
Jan 15, 2010

Not Just Information. Create a Brain of Inspirations.

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

– Allan K. Chalmers

Add Thoughts That Inspire

There are so many possibilities for new thoughts here that I will try and keep this brief… Stuff for this brain could include:

During yesterday’s webinar we covered hobbies, legends and fuel for your imagination in your brain.

We talked about how your brain is an unlimited conceptual space where you not only find the right information quickly but are inspired by your best thinking captured and visualized.

By creating a positive context for your projects, key interests and information, TheBrain will unleash your creativity, help you gain new insight and achieve your personal best.

It’s time to light some fires in your brain! Below are some example “inspiration oriented” brain for you to browse through and download to get your creative juices flowing.

Inspirational People

  • Survivors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes (Oscar Pistorius, Wayne Gretzsky)
  • Inventors
  • Examples of integrity (unrewarded whistleblowers etc)
  • Fictional characters

Inspirational Projects/Events

  • Moon mission
  • Fall of Berlin Wall
  • First flight, telephone call, etc

Inspirational Places

  • Pantheon
  • Getty Center
  • Your new garden
  • Eames House (linked to Charles and Ray Eames…)

Inspirational Things

  • Films, novels and poems
  • Future trends (concept cars, new consumer products)
  • Business Theory, GTD Ideas, Stephen Covey stuff…

Brains to Inspire

Below are several examples for you to open and use when building your inspirational brain. Please note you must have TheBrain installed on your computer before opening the BrainZip.

My Inspirations Brain

Legendary Entrepreneurs Example Brain

Know Thyself Template Brain

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