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Matt Caton
Aug 20, 2020

TheBrain 220 – Taking Your Brain to the Next Level

This webinar is designed for users who have created a basic brain but now need to change their thought structure or evolve their original brain. Learn how to garden your thoughts and easily edit your brain.

Change can be a beautiful and necessary inevitability for all of us, even our Brains! TheBrain includes powerful authoring and editing tools that make changing your Brain easy.

This session will cover:

  • Identifying when it’s time to further subcategorize and create new parent Thoughts
  • Changing Thought relationships
  • Creating subcategories and intervening Thoughts
  • Mass linking, unlinking, forgetting and deleting Thoughts
  • Adding Thought Types and Link Types
  • Creating specific Thought names and Thought lineage
  • Adding icons and Thought Types for additional context

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