TheBrain Markdown Reference

Markdown starts with plain text and allows document formatting with easy-to-type markup. The formatting tags are hidden when you are not editing your document. In addition to the ability to type formatting tags, most tags can be inserted and removed using the toolbar at the top of the notes editor.

Standard Markdown

TheBrain supports the following subset of Markdown:

  Plain text Explanation/Result
A paragraph
Another paragraph.
Paragraphs are simply a single run-on line of text with no breaks, followed by two line breaks between other paragraphs.
# Title


Different levels of headings can be achieved with by varying the number of # characters at the start of a line from 1 to 6.

## Subtitle


Slightly smaller than a Title.

### Heading


Slightly smaller than a Subtitle.

#### Sub-heading


Smaller than a Heading.

> A blockquote Start a line with > to get
A blockquote
*Italic* emphasis Italic emphasis
**Bold** emphasis Bold emphasis
Inline `code` style Inline code style (monospaced formatting)
* A bullet list
* Unordered items
  • A bullet list
  • Unordered items
1. Numbered list
2. Ordered items
  1. Numbered list
  2. Ordered items
[a link](https://en.
This is a link to a Wikipedia page.

Links to thoughts (Local Thought URLs) are done in the same manner, with a brain: link: [A thought](brain://...)
![alt text](https://en.
"Embedded image")

In the desktop and mobile clients, add images using copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop. Images can be resized from full width (100%) down to 5%. An image at 50% width is indicated by appending #$width=50p$ to the image address.
Horizontal rule


Between paragraphs

Horizontal rule

Between paragraphs

\* Escaped text

* Escaped text

Use \ to escape single characters that would otherwise be interpretted as markdown formatting commands. In this example, the line would be a bulleted list if the backslash were not present.


Minor Changes to Markdown

Except for <br>, TheBrain ignores HTML tags and just treats them as plain text. TheBrain changes the meaning of the following Markdown characters:

  First line
Another line
First line
Another line

Newline characters in (when you press Enter/Return) are always respected whereas traditional Markdown would ignore single line breaks unless the line ended with space.
+ Done (checked)
- To do (unchecked)
* Normal bullet item
  •  Done (checked)
  •  To do (unchecked)
  • Normal bullet item
_Underlined_ text Underlined text


TheBrain Extensions to Markdown

TheBrain extends Markdown to add support for the following formatting:

:-- Left justified Left justified

Line justification is specifed by adding :-- :-: or --: at the start of the line.
:-: Centered
--: Right justified
Right justified
Code block
across multiple lines.
Code block
across multiple lines.

Code blocks are monospaced and ignore markdown formatting within them.
The game is -almost- over The game is almost over.

Add strikethrough to a word or phrase with a single hyphen on either side.
10^2 = 100 102 = 100

Superscript is supported using ^ as a delimiter. These tags are slighty different in that they can be applied just at the start of the text to be affected and end automatically at punctuation or a space. To extend beyond punctuation, add a second ^ at the end also.
H~2~O is water H2O is water.

Subscript is supported using ~ as a delimiter in a similar manner as superscript.
:{Red on yellow:(style=
Red on yellow

Attributes for text foreground and background colors are applied by prefixing the style attribute with :( and ending it with :). The span indicating the text to which the attribute should apply is specified by surrounding it with :{ and }:. If an attribute is placed outside of a span, it will be applied to the entire line of text.
:{Text in a special font
Text in a special font

Attributes for font-family and font-size are also supported by TheBrain. Note that here is no UI for specifying font-size at this time.


TheBrain Table Extensions to Markdown

Similar to tables in GitHub Flavored Markdown with several powerful additions.

|Mercury|Roman god of speed|
|Venus|Roman god of love|
|Earth|Variation of "the ground" in many languages|
|Mars|Roman god of war|
MercuryRoman god of speed
VenusRoman god of love
EarthVariation of "the ground" in many languages
MarsRoman god of war
  • Each line of a table must start and end with |
  • No dividing line after the header of |---|---| should be added
  • The first line is treated as a header row. To hide the header row, use an empty line of two | characters
  • Column widths are automatically determined based on the contents
|Item|Description|--: Price|
|Phone|Includes:{nl}* Holographic display{nl}* Telepathic UI|1,000.00|
|Case|Shock resistant hard shell|19.00|
  • Holographic display
  • Telepathic UI
CaseShock resistant hard shell19.00
  • Multi-line cells are supported using {nl} to denote new lines
  • Lines can utilize tags to include bullets, headings, etcetera
  • Justify a cell using appropriate justification prefix at the start of the cell
  • To justify a column, place the justification prefix in the header row
  • To justify the table itself, place the justification prefix at the start of the header row, before the first |