TheBrain Markdown Reference

Standard Markdown

Markdown starts with plain text and allows document formatting with easy-to-type markup. The formatting punctuation is hidden when you are not editing your document. TheBrain supports the following subset of Markdown:

  Plain text Explanation/Result
A paragraph
Another paragraph.
Paragraphs are simply a single run-on line of text with no breaks, followed by two line breaks between other paragraphs.
# Title


Different levels of headings can be achieved with by varying the number of # characters at the start of a line from 1 to 6.

## Heading


Slightly smaller than a Title.

### Sub-heading


Smaller than a Heading.

> A blockquote Start a line with > to get
A blockquote
*Italic* emphasis Italic emphasis
**Bold** emphasis Bold emphasis
Inline `code` style Inline code style (monospaced formatting)
* A bullet list
 * Unordered items
  • A bullet list
  • Unordered items
1. Numbered list
 2. Ordered items
  1. Numbered list
  2. Ordered items
[a link](https://en.
This is a link to a Wikipedia page.

Links to thoughts (Local Thought URLs) are done in the same manner, with a brain: link: [A thought](brain://...)
![alt text](https://en.
"Embedded image")

In the desktop and mobile clients, add images using copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop. Images can be resized from full width (100%) down to 5%. An image at 50% width is indicated by appending #$width=50p$ to the image address.
Horizontal rule


Between paragraphs

Horizontal rule

Between paragraphs

\* Escaped text

* Escaped text

Use \ to escape single characters that would otherwise be interpretted as markdown formatting commands. In this example, the line would be a bulleted list if the backslash were not present.


Minor Changes to Markdown

Except for <br>, TheBrain ignores HTML tags and just treats them as plain text. TheBrain changes the meaning of the following Markdown characters:

  First line
 Another line
First line
Another line

Newline characters in (when you press Enter/Return) are always respected whereas traditional Markdown would ignore single line breaks unless the line ended with space.
+ Done (checked)
 - To do (unchecked)
 * Normal bullet item
  •  Done (checked)
  •  To do (unchecked)
  • Normal bullet item
_Underlined_ text Underlined text


TheBrain Extensions to Markdown

TheBrain extends Markdown to add support for the following formatting:

:-- Left justified Left justified

Line justification is specifed by adding :-- :-: or --: at the start of the line.
:-: Centered
--: Right justified
Right justified
Code block
across multiple lines.
Code block
 across multiple lines.

Code blocks are monospaced and ignore markdown formatting within them.
The game is -almost- over The game is almost over.

Add strikethrough to a word or phrase with a single hyphen on either side.
10^2 = 100 102 = 100

Superscript is supported using ^ as a delimiter. These tags are slighty different in that they can be applied just at the start of the text to be affected and end automatically at punctuation or a space. To extend beyond punctuation, add a second ^ at the end also.
H~2~O is water H2O is water.

Subscript is supported using ~ as a delimiter in a similar manner as superscript.
:{Red on yellow:(style=
Red on yellow

Attributes for text foreground and background colors are applied by prefixing the style attribute with :( and ending it with :). The span indicating the text to which the attribute should apply is specified by surrounding it with :{ and }:. If an attribute is placed outside of a span, it will be applied to the entire line of text.
:{Text in a special font
Text in a special font

Attributes for font-family and font-size are also supported by TheBrain. Note that here is no UI for specifying font-size at this time.
| Nice | Table |
 | formatted | simply |

Similar to GitHub Flavored Markdown except

  • Each line of a table must start and end with |
  • No dividing line after the header of |---|---| is required
  • Multi-line cells are supported using {nl} to denote new lines