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Download the most powerful mind mapping software ever.


Get the most powerful version of TheBrain to take your ideas and information to the next level. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth upgrading to our paid license of TheBrain Pro.



Connect and Visualize Your Files

Drag and drop all types of files including PDF, Word, and Excel documents right to your Thoughts for instant access. Visualize and import entire folders in one step. Use file templates to save time and effort. TheBrain Pro’s file attachment features let you manage all your digital information in one place.


Advanced Search and Indexing of Files

Find everything faster with TheBrain Pro’s indexed search. TheBrain Pro searches through all your files – including the contents of the documents and Web pages. The advanced search capabilities will let you fine tune searches by context, file type, and more. 


Expanded and Outline Views

Get the big picture on your information with the expanded and outline views that are exclusive to TheBrain Pro. You’ll see more and get more done with the flexibility and power these views give you, including the ability to save customized views that model key aspects of your thinking.  


Thought Reminders and Built-in Calendar

Never worry about forgetting important events with TheBrain Pro’s built-in calendar. Link appointments and key events directly into the context of your Brain. Set reminders that put you where you need to be.


Outlook and Mac Apps Integration

Leverage your Windows Outlook information directly in your Brain. Drag and drop calendar items, emails, and contacts right onto your Thoughts. On Mac OS X, iCal, Address Book, and Apple Mail integration lets you search within and link these key data sources without ever leaving your Brain.


Google Calendar Synchronization

TheBrain Pro also features Google Calendar synchronization so any meeting you create in your Brain can be sent to Google Calendar. You can even use Google Calendar to sync your Brain's calendar to other calendars like Outlook and iCal. 


Link Types

Add more meaning to your connections with Link Types.  This powerful feature is only in TheBrain Pro and lets you quickly designate relationships that mean the most to you such as “responsible for,” “owned by,” “leads to,” or whatever else is important in your life. 



Integrated Screen Capture

Grab anything you see on your screen in just a few clicks with TheBrain Pro’s built-in screen capture. Custom icons, screen references, important details – it’s all there just when you need it. Then just touch it and it zooms up to full size. 


Custom Reports and Thought Filtering

Analyze your Brain with custom reports that you can save for quick re-use. Only TheBrain Pro lets you filter your Brain based on all the powerful parameters available including date information, attachment type, tags, Thought types and much more. 


Spellcheck, Printing, Merging, Exporting and More…

TheBrain Pro also includes much more: Built-in spellcheck for your Thoughts and notes, printing of notes and the plex with support for multipage printing, merging of brains, exporting to HTML, folders, and XML, advanced tools layout options... To see the full list, click here