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New License $219.00
Upgrade from 6 Core $100.00
Upgrade from 5 Pro $119.95
Upgrade from 5 Core $219.95
Upgrade from 4 Pro $194.90


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New License $149.95
Upgrade from 5 Core $119.95


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PersonalBrain 6 Pro with WebBrain Premium Services Annual Subscription $324.90
PersonalBrain 6 Pro upgrade from 5 Pro with WebBrain Premium Services Annual Subscription $194.90


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Annual Subscription $74.95
Monthly Subscription $7.95


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All purchases include free upgrades within the current major version of the software (IE from 5.0 to 5.5). New purchases (not upgrades) include a free upgrade to any major release (IE from 5.X to 6.X) that comes out within 3 months from your date of purchase.

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Purchase PersonalBrain 6 Pro Now For a FREE Upgrade to TheBrain 7

PersonalBrain is evolving.  Purchase PersonalBrain 6 Pro today and receive a FREE upgrade to TheBrain 7 when it becomes available.


Update:  TheBrain 7 is now available for purchase for both new licenses and existing customer upgrades.









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