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TheBrain Partner Program

Deliver TheBrain's award winning software to your customer base. TheBrain is now available for resellers to pass on to their customers. TheBrain is cross-platform, available for PC, Mac and Linux users, and has a rapidly expanding, highly enthusiastic user community including the majority of Fortune 1000 companies.

Benefits of TheBrain Partner Program

  • Increase market distinction by providing award-winning knowledge management software
  • Provide new powerful solutions to help customers succeed who are struggling with organizing and accessing information
  • Get access to TheBrain Partner Network which includes: marketing materials, updates on product releases and go-to market sales tools
  • Receive training on how to organize information and implement visualization software
  • Augment your product lines while successfully increasing company revenue and customer satisfaction

TheBrain Reseller and Affiliate Programs

TheBrain offers several programs for both small and large resellers. You can also join TheBrain’s affiliate program which offers a turnkey purchasing system that allows you to receive commission for users who purchase from your web site.

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